Bane of the Dark Lord’s servants

Much like the sources of gold and mithril, the cities of the dwarves are far-flung. In order to protect their trade routes connecting those, the dwarven cities maintain regiments of dwarven rangers. These units are often supported by the grim and fierce veterans of the Iron Guard who are famously known for fearless fighting even if vastly outnumbered. Using their fine throwing axes and swords forged deep under the mountains they slay their foes and gain a reputation of invincibility.
In order to add “some punch” to my dwarven army I recently completed some of my very first Iron Guards. I admittedly have high hopes for them on the battle field and I expect their number to increase after their first battles. Like with my other dwarves painting them was pure pleasure for the miniatures have (at least for dwarves) very dynamic poses. I also really like those tunics they wear. It’s a much welcomed distinction against the rest of my army.

The fresh elite from Khazad-dûm ...

The fresh elite from Khazad-dûm …

... ready for battle against Sauron's hordes.

… ready for battle against Sauron’s hordes.

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