Banner of the Raven Clan

Dwarves usually are clansmen and to keep in contact with their brethren during battle each clan has an unique banner as a point of reference. The Dwarf shown here carries the banner of the Raven Clan which is led by Captain Floí.
Dwarven armies usually lack three things in the LotR-game: Magic, cavalry and spears. With the introduction of the Hobbit the dwarves now are able to wield spears but since I have a Khazad-Dûm themed army and the spears seem to be Erebor only a main strategic element are banners. They can get a reroll if they lose combat and in combination with the shield block and their heavy armour even a small amount of Dwarves can stand against any enemy.
This miniature is finally completed after a way to long W.I.P.-break.
My former small army already got quite big over the years and therefore came together for a new group shot in front of the Dimrill-Gate, the East Gate of Moria. You might want to risk a look at the whole board and its creation on this page.

The banner ...

The banner …

... of the Raven Clan.

… of the Raven Clan.

Balin's forces are growing stronger.

Balin’s forces are growing stronger.

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  1. Good job and a nice Army. Only the banner is a Little bit to crude in my eyes. Perhaps one or two more Highlights will be fine. But the dwarf is very good, especially the golden applications.

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