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The Rat Golem

When I stumbled upon the WHQ expansion “Domain of the Horned Rat” from the english White Dwarf #195 I knew that I had to include it in my WHQ project log. There’s a unique new dungeon room, the Warlock Quirrik, the Assassin Shreek Deathstrike and lots of neat Skaven stuff. Especially the Rat Golem, Quirrik’s creation, caught my attention. The Rat Golem is a prototype of a new Skaven creature. It is a mechanically modified Rat Ogre, with chunks of warpstone embedded in parts of its body to provide it with a resistance to magic and the ability to heal itself. However, it is even more stupid than normal Rat Ogres, and frequently needs repairing. It needs ...

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Furry Upgrades

The first match against my mate Flattervieh‘s Reiklanders was fought. The breakthrough of the humans could be stopped by the Beastmen as the Reiklanders were not able to use their shooting weapons properly but had to go in close combat instead. Here the Beastmen were clearly the stronger force and the humans had to retreat after they suffered some casualties. Due to the fact that none of the Beasts of the Dead Wood was slain, there were plenty of gold coins to spend. The Ungor Ruul and another Chaos Warhound joined the warband as word spread of Gorthaur’s success. ...

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Now that Gorthaur the savage Chieftain got finished, the Dead Wood’s Beasts are ready to enter the damned city of Mordheim. Their first match will be against the new Reikland Warband of Flattervieh. ...

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Introducing the Beasts

From time to time one warband/player has to pause and others would like to start a new warband. If you like check out the Dead Wood’s Beasts here! I just finished two new warriors for the Beastmen Raiders. Now only the chieftain Gorthaur is still missing. ...

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