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In the depths of Argos (new gaming board)

Since the release of “Deathwatch Overkill” I am working again on my Genestealer Cult. Because I really like this setting I am planing to build an own board with a mining theme just like in the board game for 40K. It will be a black board where I can place the self-made terrain pieces. You won’t be able to move on the black part as this will be supposed to be like a chasm. The first terrain pieces will be remakes of the card board pieces in the Deathwatch box. I am planing to use them later on for regular 40K, Deathwatch and Necromunda. To create these terrain pieces I came up with some scratchbuilds and 3D-prints which ...

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One Year Anniversary

The 15th of March marks the day of the Aleator Blog’s Birthday! One year ago we started the blog with this post. Today we would like to celebrate and take a closer look on the working benches of the Club members. I think it is really interesting to have a look at the W.I.P. projects of the other members who don’t post here on the blog regularly. You can not expect everybody who is part of the hobby to be a blogger aswell, even if that would be fantastic for sure. Also I would like to say hello to our regular daily visitors on the blog. Most of you folks are ...

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