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  1. How did you make top carapace

  2. Hi sunny here is a collage where you can see how I did the top carapace:
    Dimachaeron carapace

  3. How did you go about sculpting the chest? What are the “chest claws” and rending claws made from? I’m going to have to give this conversion a shot!

  4. This is incredible, I just love what you have done! I know its a big ask, but if you managed to take pictures of the process any chance of a full tutorial? I would love to try this myself :p

  5. Thank you for your comments. I am still working on a tutorial but it is in German. You can find it here: http://www.40k-fanworld.net/wbb/index.php?page=Thread&threadID=78123
    There are many pictures of the working process so maybe it is self-explanatory. Don’t hesitate to post your comments or questions here.

    @Nick: For the rending claws please have a look at step 9 on the link posted before. The parts are the two head claws from the tervigon one “tumb” and the arm from the scything claws.
    The chest claws are custom parts which are made out of original chestparts. The spikes are the torsospikes which you use normally at the tyrannofex torso

  6. Hey Rekrom!

    Just stumbled across this conversion and it’s gorgeous! I wanted to do something similar with this kit but as a standing Tyrannofex. I was curious if you take commissions? If so, maybe we could work something out! Let me know!


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