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GW enthusiast from the days of yore. No matter if it's Warhammer Quest or an Apocalypse Battle, count me in!

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  1. Looking good as always, Mr Goatmoerser!

    I also got the DeAgostini diorama at home and the whole fellowship. My Aragorn and Frodo are already painted. I did them several years back with all the skill I had because it sure is a nice thing to have them on the shelf.

    Hope to see some more of them soon.

    • Thanks mate 🙂
      Maybe you’ll find the time to paint the rest someday, too. I’ve already finished the next character of the Fellowship. I’ll paint/publish them in the same order the characters first appeared in the movies. So it won’t be a huge surprise who’s next 😉

  2. As your bases include grass, how are you going to arrange Balin’s Tomb? In green as well? Soon I’ll be in the same situation, that’s why I’m asking 😉

    • No grass will grow in Balin’s Tomb 😀
      Of course this will look a bit irritating but I wanted to go for a very classic basing of the Fellowship and use them in several scenarios later on where classic bases might be the better choice. It seems as if I will have to paint a second run of the Fellowship with better fitting bases sooner or later 😉

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