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  1. Hi,
    You made a really good job!
    Can you tell me how you made your blue and your white? (I want to make a Makabius Knight but I’ve no idea how to do this).

    • Thänks!

      The Knight is airbrushed with a base coat of Tamiya flat aluminium over a black/white undercoat.
      Than a thin wash from equal parts of GW/Armypainter Sepia Wash, Black wash, Dark Wash , Tamiya klear and water, this wash is brushed over the entire model 2 times.
      The colours of the armour plates are Tamiya German grey for the grey/blue parts and Tamiya buff for the light parts.
      The gold parts are with titanium Gol.
      Then lightly sponge a colour made from black and brown( Rhinox hide ).
      After than the whole Model get a brown black oil paint wash.
      I hope this helps you further.

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