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GW enthusiast from the days of yore. No matter if it's Warhammer Quest or an Apocalypse Battle, count me in!

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  1. Klasse Terrain!! Darauf macht es dann besonders Spaß zu spielen. Wie immer schöne Bilder, der Entstehungsprozess ist gut nachzuvollziehen.
    Ich erinnere mich noch an deinen Artikel zum Kauf des Stronghold. Ich finde das FW Terrian selbst echt klasse, besonders die Realm of Battle Cityscape Tiles. My favourite.
    Ich hoffe, vom ersten Spiel werden viele Bilder gemacht und bekommen hier einen Artikel. 🙂
    Vielleicht gibt es auch bald mal wieder ein Killteam-Turnier? 😉

  2. Thank you for the kind words Felix 🙂
    I’ve been pretty lazy regarding battle reports during the last games. But I will try to write a report for an upcoming match.
    I could easily imagine to buy some more Battle Board stuff from Forgeworld of course as well 😉
    There is no new Club-Killteammatch planed at the moment. The last couple of days I had some smaller games (750 – 1000 points) and am now looking forward to a really big match.

  3. Did you field your Orcs against Tom’s Nipple Wing? He mentioned something like this.
    At the moment, i’m planning my HH legion army, and they’ll deserve a special gaming board: the Cityscape Tiles! Big FW order, here i come 🙂 …as soon as i’ve got the time and the money 😀
    Looking forward to your battlerep, they’re always awesome and an ispiration for other hobbyists.

    • The battlereport for that game will come in some weeks, it was a really cool and fun game and it definitely deserves to be published. Currently i’m preparing a move into the new flat and i’m painting some models for an apocalypse battle next month. The battlereport can be expected end of the next month.

    • That sounds very interesting. What HH Legion are you planning to build up?

  4. @ Bronco: It’s gonna be Blood Angels 🙂 I’m really looking forward to it, just some minor planning difficulties (like my upcoming wedding 😉 ). When i got at least 1000 points, i have to play a game against you and your great White Scars.
    @ Tom: Your battle reps are always awesome and a very good read. So wainting for it will be worth it.

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