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Garaz Azul

Garaz Azul

Gorm Thunderbeard son of Grongnar Thunderbeard is a dwarven noble from the city Karaz-A-Karak. His father Grongnar is a part of the King’s Council and therefore a part of the city’s political top. Unfortunately the deeds of young Gorm are never good enough for his father and he wasn’t able to earn his respect so far. No matter how hard he tried, his father Grongnar was always complaining that Gorm needs to do better.Ever since the Thunderbeards are a part of the Deeprock Clan. Their duty has always been to watch over the deepest tunnels and adits of the stronghold. Their colour has always been a deep blue stepped by red.
The young dwarf Gorm has earned his first victories in battle already. But since his father is still complaining he is eager to build up reputation. The tale of the cursed city of Mordheim and all its terrible dangers came by quite convenient. Gorm would not stop until he had collected all treasures and fame necessary to impress his father.
As a young noble he is accompanied by some other dwarfs. Firble Sparkflight is a rather unusual dwarf. The Engineer was born in Zhufbar and has visited a lot of places in the Old World until now. The two brothers Barundin and Grongnar Ironjaw are the two Slayers of the warband. Once they were Mercenaries also born in Karaz-A-Karak. They used to escort caravans through the mountains protecting the ore and men. Unfortunately one of the caravans was attacked by Goblins and every dwarf slain except for the two brothers. Almost losing their minds in shame they swore the Slayer oath to find their peace in battle.
Gorm also hired some other dwarfs to fight for him as his henchmen.


The Warband

Dwarf Noble – Gorm Thunderbeard
– Heavy Armour, Helmet, Shield, Axe

Dwarf Engineer – Firble Sparkflight
– Crossbow

Dwarf Troll Slayer – Barundin Ironjaw
– Hammer, Hammer

Dwarf Troll Slayer – Grongar Ironjaw
– Axe, Axe

2 Dwarf Clansmen – Uin and Giffo
– Hammer, Hammer

Dwarf Thunderer – Snorri
– Crossbow

497 Gold Coins

Gorm Thunderbeard - Leader and Noble of Garaz Azul.

Gorm Thunderbeard – Leader and Noble of Garaz Azul.

Firble Sparkflight - Engineer.

Firble Sparkflight – Engineer.

Barundin and Gromgar Ironjaw - The Troll Slayer Brothers.

Barundin and Gromgar Ironjaw – The Troll Slayer Brothers.

Uin and Giffo - Clansmen of the Deeprock Clan.

Uin and Giffo – Clansmen of the Deeprock Clan.

Snorri - Thunderer.

Snorri – Thunderer.


Garaz Azul’s Diary

  1. First match – against the Bloodhorn Clan
  2. Second match – against the Bloodhorn Clan
  3. Third match – against the Iron Fist
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