Wurzen’s Blow – Ostlander

Wurzen's Blow

Wurzen’s Blow

The well-known image of an Ostlander is not so very flattering. They have more in common with their Kislevite neighbours in the north than with the rest of the Empire due to the Forest of Shadows and the Great Forest. Their dipsomania and the use of self-made vodka is said to be legendary. Family bonds are stronger than usual and mean folks whisper tales of incest. That leads to a very quirky and a hillbilly like reputation. You can’t expect much more from people mostly consisting of peat cutters and hunters, who are always sceptical towards strangers and often ally with Ogres (who are everything but a race well-known for cultural greatness).
Our story begins in the city Wurzen, or better said on the peat fields surrounding Wurzen, where the peat cutter Tomasz Breitrück was sick and tired of his every day life. As a bear of a man he is one of the town’s Elder. Not so very surprising when it comes down to a culture where strength is rated above everything else. Together with the Blood-brother Banjew Köhler and Adrian Braunpfuhl (all of them somehow relatives) they drank themselves in a berserk fury packed their goods and left the town cursing their boring lives. In a tavern they had heard about a city to the south where great adventures and riches could be found. During their staggering leave they met a couple of hunters who liked their story (and their booze) and decided to come with them. On top of it even an Ogre named Kronk joined them.
While passing the forests of Talabecland the group met the hermit and Priest of Taal, Bogul the Wanderer. None of the group knew why, but the priest seemed to have seen something special in this random group and eventually followed them. The Elder Tomasz was taught to respect the priesthood of Taal since his younger days yet he was not able to trust Bogul as this guy was only talking about the law of nature instead of getting drunk.


The Warband:

Elder – Tomasz Breitrück
– Two-handed Weapon, Bow

Blood-Brother – Banjew Köhler
– Club

Blood-Brother – Adrian Braunpfuhl
– Shield, Axe

Priest of Taal – Bogul the Wanderer
– Two-handed Weapon

3 Jaeger – Pjotr Wolf, Boris Waldner and Radek Brück
– Bow, Bow, Bow

Ogre – Kronk
– Club, Club

Tomasz Breitrück - Elder of Wurzen's Blow.

Tomasz Breitrück – Elder of Wurzen’s Blow.

Adrian Braunpfuhl and Banjew Köhler - Blood-Brothers.

Adrian Braunpfuhl and Banjew Köhler – Blood-Brothers.

Bogul the Wanderer - Priest of Taal.

Bogul the Wanderer – Priest of Taal.

Pjotr Wolf, Boris Waldner and Radek Brück - Jaeger.

Pjotr Wolf, Boris Waldner and Radek Brück – Jaeger.

Kronk - Ogre.

Kronk – Ogre.


Wurzen’s Blow’s Diary

  1. First match – against the Iron Fist
  2. Second match – against the Iron Fist
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  1. Your Ostlander models are fantastic!
    Where did you get the priest and boss models from?

  2. Thanks Goatmoerser,
    So are the rest of the models Middenheimer models?
    You seem to have a really nice, consistent look throughout!


    • Thanks, appreciate it even though I am everything but happy with the old paintjob on those models.
      Actually the other models were build mostly from the Empire Free Company Box. As far as I remember only the right Blood Brother’s head is from the Middenheimer sprue and the left one got his head from the Flagellant Warband. I got the heads of the Jaegers from some Bretonian bitz and their cloaks from the Skaven Mordheim bitz sprue.

  3. Thanks for you help Goatmoerser,
    Going to hunt for bits and build my own!
    A GW Ostlander 9 piece set just went for US$262
    on eBay! That’s just nuts!

    Might send you some pics when I’ve got my shtuff sorted…

    • Yes, please do so 🙂
      The prices of the Ostlanders/Averlanders are indeed insane these days. Fortunatly I don’t even like the old models of the Ostlanders anyway. I don’t think they mirror those peat & pig famers at all.

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