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GW enthusiast from the days of yore. No matter if it's Warhammer Quest or an Apocalypse Battle, count me in!

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  1. Hey, awesome Sons of Horus! Which Green did you use, that color is very nice.
    Werde jetzt öfters hier reinschauen, also immer fleißig updaten 😉

  2. Thank you very much Felix! We’re still filling the blog with content and haven’t spread the word so far. Nevertheless people still manage to find it 😀

    The colours used are “kabalite green” and “sybarite green”

  3. Thanks for your reply. Obviously i always manage to find blogs, which aren’t promoted yet (Broncofish’s blog :), den hatte ich auch schon gefunden, bevor der richtig losgelegt hatte).
    I wish you the best with your blog and hope to see lots of wonderful updates.

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