Warhammer Quest

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Beneath the world there are darker things than
all the fear and terror of man can conjure. Things
as black as darkest hate … They pray for our
doom, They conjure foul daemons to crush us.
They amass armies of darkness and pestilence
unseen. And that, my students, is but the least
of our troubles.

– Lectures of Acrastorus Böhme of Altdorf.


More than 20 years ago Games Workshop released the Warhammer Quest box. Two decades later I still think this was an incredible good idea. What I am now trying to achieve is to build up a more fancy gaming board and to fill it with more contemporary Miniatures. Oh, and I am looking forward to lots of fun playing it of course. So follow me into the darkness of the Old World, if you dare!

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  1. Melvin campbell

    Hi I came across this cool blog for WQ when researching is there any organised games going on. I don’t surpose you know of any came across all my old quest stuff the other day and wanted to give it another go as it’s an awesome game.



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